Mind Gardens by Charles Stoll – Book Review

Mind Gardens by Charles Stoll
Series: Sorry and Morticum series
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Mind Gardens (Sorry and Morticum series) by Charles Stoll 

Winner of the 2020 Independent Press Award “Distinguished Favorite. “Visit the mind gardens on the moon with Sorry, a cantankerous old wizard and his self-made family in this second edition in the “Sorry and Morticum” series. At first they are repulsed by the sight of the mind gardens, but soon learn its inhabitants share complete knowledge of each other’s thoughts and feelings and appear to live forever. So, why is everyone so afraid to enter them? You will understand why we often fail to communicate effectively after you read this thought provoking adventure. Why is everyone so afraid to enter them?

Book review: 

Charles Stoll’s thought-provoking fantasy, Mind Gardens, follows a group of survivors who escape earth to find a new home on the moon. With fascinating characters and themes, this incredible sequel in the Sorry and Morticum series can easily stand on its own.

After a catastrophic flood on earth, Sorry and Morticum together with their new-found family, leave earth on a spaceship hoping to find refuge on Rumi, the moon colony. The group is full of excitement when they first establish contact with someone on the moon, but on arrival, they find out Rumi is not the thriving colony they once knew. A deadly virus has left most of the colonists dead or incapacitated. The group is led to the mind gardens, where decapitated heads share a robotic body. At first, everyone is shocked at the sight but as days pass, the idea of exposing their thoughts and establishing a different way of survival begins to grow on them. Still, none is willing to take part in the intriguing invention.

Charles Stoll develops a mesmerizing set of characters in the book. Wizards, a werewolf, insect mutants, and a shapeshifter are some of the characters who appear in the story. Despite their differences and horrific past experiences, the group works as a team to protect their world and develop new inventions to advance life on the moon. The story emphasizes the importance of balancing technological development with moral principles that include humility. Despite his remarkable achievements on the moon Professor Beauregard, remains modest about his accomplishments. Robotic Wars also cause extreme destruction on the earth. Mind Gardens also explores other critical themes such as global conflict and climate change, which also lead to the destruction of earth and its inhabitants. The mind gardens’ concept represents an open way of communication between participants where everyone understands each other.

Mind Gardens is an imaginative story that contains insightful ideas and important themes. Charles Stoll has an amazing expressive writing style with unique narration and a captivating one-of-a-kind plot. Definitely an original read in the genres of science fiction and fantasy which Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends to all readers and fans. 5 Stars! Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

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