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Alt="unfathomable by thomas pryce"Unfathomable by Thomas Pryce

Eco-defender Jake Chee manages to nab a spot aboard the Phantom Run, a massive factory trawler believed to be involved in illegal fishing activity. With stealth tech and agenda cast in shadow, the Phantom has roamed the seas for over a year, furtive as a mirage.

From his position on board, Jake hopes to catch them in the act and bring the Phantom to justice. But as days pass, he sees no sign of illegal fishing. Moreover, the crew seems oddly ill-suited for such a task.

A week to sea, a mysterious apparatus is built on deck. It looks more like a giant celestial telescope than anything fishing related. Jake is not part of the construction nor is he privy to its purpose. Like the overall vibe aboard the Phantom, the machine projects an aura strange and enigmatic.

From out of the blue Jake’s health starts to decline, hindering his mission further. He’d been diagnosed with autism as a child. Following a natural healing approach, over the years his symptoms had been greatly reduced. Now, however, he wonders if the stress has triggered a relapse…

…or is this something else.

When the strange machine is fired up, and its objective revealed, Jake is shocked. His relatively simple eco-campaign suddenly rises to another level, the potential environmental disaster out of this world on the spectrum of peril.

Out in the middle of the Pacific with no backup, Jake finds himself in a battle with unimaginable forces. It’s a race against time to save the planet, an impromptu call to duty. Exhausted and vastly outmatched, he must find a way to endure and get help…and somehow turn the tide on the greatest eco-catastrophe yet.

Book review:

Unfathomable by Thomas Pryce is a totally gripping, unique and compelling Sci-Fi thriller.  With an ingenious and visionary plot, this nautical adventure is a mesmerizing page-turner.  

I’ve got to start by saying… I loved this book!  When you read as many books as me you tend to see the same plot line repeated.  So just for the fact that this is not a version of any other book I’ve ever read I salute the author for his vast imagination.  Both the plot and the writing are adept, and the nuances dropped into paragraphs reflect the sharp wit of the author.  For example, Global Worming!  All will be revealed when you read the book!

Jake Chee is half-Hopi and half-Irish.  He’s also an undercover, amateur sleuth, who in the words of his ex-girlfriend is not equipped for the task he’s about to undertake.  Although he’s groomed himself for a couple of years for this mission, he still comes across as a naïve yet admirable tree-hugging environmentalist.  Let’s face it, nothing could have fully prepared him for the job of greenhorn aboard the shipping vessel Phantom Run, for this is no ordinary ship and they’re not exactly ordinary sailors.  But, he’s determined to find out what happened to his friend Gavin Cobb who reportedly fell over-board.  As the story unfolds, Jake begins to change and doesn’t know why.  Surrounded by hostile bully’s, Jake’s only friend is brain-damaged Bruce, but someone like Bruce can’t help Jake in his mission, can he?  My favorite part is when Jake goes for a swim.  The description of what happens is stunning and I was on the edge of my seat as Jake begins to uncover his sacred quest.  Truly splendid, gripping writing.

Thomas Pryce writes with ease and flourish, providing the reader with a smooth and relaxing read.  He brings his characters to life ensuring the book is completely captivating and interesting.  Unfathomable by Thomas Pryce is a riveting, excellently written book and comes very highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.  Book reviewed by TN Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

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