Chanced by Steve Powell – Book Review

by Steve Powell
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Chance had been going to meetups in the backrooms of coffee shops, and bars with a group of frustrated others; low on cash, venting about their monotonous lives, and ranting about fixing everything wrong with the world. Then away on business, he meets a stranger in a hotel lounge. But the innocent encounter goes awry when she clandestinely drugs him. Losing consciousness he awakes with limited memory, and with mind-blowing talents. That’s just the beginning. Things get even more complicated when a large sum of money appears in his bank account, and then—he learns that he’s wanted. Being pursued for unknown reasons he opts to follow the advice of a mysterious voice on a mobile-phone. But the stranger could surely make sense of it all, right, if only he could remember her.

Book review:

Chanced by Steve Powell  is an action-packed suspense that will have you turning the pages quickly.  Entertaining and full of surprises – this is an enjoyable fast fun read.

There are two elements to this story.  The first is that with fast cars, loose women, the filthy-rich and guns, creating a James Bond like feel.  On the other hand, with mysterious drugs, superpowers and secret clubs it feels like Wolverine (minus the claws!).  The crossover of genres fit nicely together, enhancing the plot.

Chance has a mundane job working in digital marketing.  He has an ordinary home and a nice girlfriend.  Life is great, right?  He thought it was until work sends him on a trip to attend a conference.  He’s enjoying a quiet moment in a bar when in walks a Jessica Rabbit lookalike, who saunters over to him and introduces herself as Sloan, a recruiter with the job title of global acquisitions specialist.  And just like that… his life is changed forever.  Waking up the next day he realizes that Sloan has drugged him – he’s not himself anymore, he’s enhanced… and it feels good!  Not only has Chance been given powers but a ton of money, there’s a catch of course he has to find the stolen Medusa and return it before the FBI catches him.  In the beginning the story is a bit cryptic allowing the reader to try and work out what they think is happening, but as the story unfolds all is made clear.

Steve Powell has a punchy, fast-paced writing style that will keep you totally engaged from start to finish.  Short succinct sentences keep the pace racing.  The brief, crisp conversations and sharp action scenes read a lot like old detectives stories.  The exotic locations and beautiful woman emphasize the action and thriller style expected of 007.  Chanced by Steve Powell is highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book Reviewed by T N Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

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