Christian Homeschooling Minus the Stress by Sue Rumsley

by Sue Rumsley
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Christian Homeschooling Minus the Stress: Homeschool Any Age, Without Stress, and Teach Your Child with God-Given Courage (Christian Homeschooling Series) by Sue Rumsley

You Can Absolutely Remove the Roadblocks of Stress and Bravely Deliver an Engaging High-Value Spiritual Homeschool Education For Your Precious Children! 

Another book on homeschooling. . . is it really necessary?

Having witnessed the very common trend recently of committed homeschoolers giving up and putting their children back into schools, the answer is, yes. We need this little book and others like it to help encourage and strengthen Christian families out there who are homeschooling, were homeschooling, or would be homeschooling if only the task did not seem so formidable. . .

Christians who feel they should be teaching their own children at home get busy reading books full of glowing accounts of the homeschooling lifestyle. Yet when they glance up from the page they see families they know dropping out, giving up homeschooling in defeat, and their enthusiasm begins to get the shakes. They hear tales of stress, and the phrase “homeschool burnout” is on everyone’s lips.

Even worse, they may see that some children who have graduated from homeschooling are just as worldly-minded as the other children in their fellowship, so why put themselves through all the stress of being a home educator?

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. Your homeschool journey can be a spiritual joy and delight for both parent and child. Written by a mother of twelve who has homeschooled for the past 26 years, this practical book will alert you to the issues to avoid, and the ones to embrace, so that you too can remove stressfulness from your homeschool, . . . and your life.

Book review:

Christian Homeschooling Minus the Stress by Sue Rumsley is an exceptional, knowledgeable and informative guide that’s main focus is helping homeschool families everywhere achieve successful, stress-free learning experiences using fundamental techniques. Author, Sue Rumsley, mother of 11 children, introduces and emphasizes the effective use of self-encouraging efforts, and most importantly: always keeping God at the center. This easy to read handbook is a must-have for any Christian homeschooling family. It answers many of the common and frequently asked questions that so many parents have, especially when they are first starting out and beginning their homeschooling journey.

Christian Homeschooling Minus the Stress is chock full of brilliant ideas on how to homeschool in a manner that best suits your individual family, because every family is different! And I certainly recognized and appreciated that this helpful book acknowledged that fact. As a home educator myself, one topic of discussion that I found to be most helpful was learning how to balance housework duties and making time to prep and cook meals. It also teaches some of the most effective ways to delegate and share responsibilities with family members. Those are the types of situations that as a first time homeschooling mom I typically found to be the most challenging – and even frustrating at times. So to have a concrete grasp of what really works, tried and true, I can say it has helped myself and my family immensely! From great financial tips, to how and where to obtain free resources, to dealing with the not so accepting reactions from extended family and their thoughts about you homeschooling your children, this amazing guide has it all! The fact that this book contains so much great and helpful information shows that virtually every family who is involved in navigating through their homeschooling voyage should read this helpful book!

I most definitely can say that Christian Homeschooling Minus the Stress is essential and necessary for any and all homeschooling families to help them maneuver through its biggest and greatest challenges that are typical, but none the less difficult, with much more ease and confidence. My highest recommendation goes to Christian Homeschooling Minus the Stress by Sue Rumsley for all parents whether you are a first timer or a seasoned vet this book holds much value for all to absorb and use. A must have on every home bookshelf and library and highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews! – Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom.

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