Cognition – Jacques St-Malo – Book Review

by Jacques St-Malo
Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Format: Hardcover, Kindle, Paperback

Alt="cognition"Cognition: A Thriller on the Future of Intelligence by Jacques St-Malo


If the riddle of existence had an answer, would humans understand it?

In a near future where world powers compete to control the genetics of intellect, a man’s DNA holds a key piece of the puzzle. When research suggests how to harness brain evolution, a hunt ensues for a missing link―one that allows to design humans with skills that prodigies of old would have envied.

The reader is thrown into the thick of unfolding events as the world’s last monarchy crumbles and a baby is torn from its mother and forced into hiding. For the next twenty years he will grow up unaware of the pivotal role he shall play in the global pursuit for the unique traits he possesses.

Germline engineering and biological enhancement have become routine, and ancient doubts have emerged under new guises: Who are we? Is there a purpose to life? Why is there so much suffering? When faith and science fail to answer these questions, personal greed and national interest quickly fill the void.

But gene selection is expensive, and many are excluded from its benefits. The stage is set for tribalism and social discontent on a scale without precedent, and those caught in the fray, whether by choice or by chance, must play roles not always to their liking in the struggle of all creatures against the arbitrariness of existence.


Cognition: A Thriller on the Future of Intelligence by Jacques St-Malo is an intriguing and compelling novel that challenges the intellect while at the same time is extremely creative and unique to its genre.

The story is set in the not too distant future. In the Middle East a baby boy is born to a crown prince, whom is deceased. The child and a reliable servant are sent into hiding by the boy’s mother in order to save him from the, inevitable, collapse of their kingdom. The servant nor the child have no knowledge of the mysteries of his conception. However, some others do know about child and the secrets that surround his origin. They are wholly interested in world domination, therefore, in order to obtain their objective, they need the vital key held within the his genes.

Cognition is filled with suspense and intriguing scientific facts that propel the story forward. Readers will be thrust into a world that is exciting, dangerous and thought-provoking. The plot is deep, complex and very interesting. There is a lot going on in this novel that will transfix and hold the reader fully engaged from start to finish. Author, Jacques St-Malo, writes with a unique voice, and the astounding ability to create a world that is filled with detailed descriptions, transporting readers to a powerful, different time and place. It is a fast-paced, mind-blowing and stimulating story that will keep readers fully engrossed throughout the entire read. I couldn’t put Cognition down, as I was completely enamored by the action fueled, dramatic events and the mysterious storyline.

The elements of science, ethics, politics, danger and romance, makes for an educational, suspenseful and thrilling read. Readers will ponder the ethical, social and philosophical ramifications of genetic manipulation that results in mental and physical enhancement, which is the premise of this book. I was left in awe and questioning the future of our own human existence and outcome.

Cognition: A Thriller on the Future of Intelligence by Jacques St-Malo is a 5 star, must read novel, and highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Do yourself a favor, read this book, we are confident you will be completely thrilled that you did!

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  1. Wow! This book sounds very interesting. I love to read books that have scientific knowledge written into them. The DNA aspect specifically intrigues. I am buying this one. thanks again Artisan for another great reading recommendation delivered into my email box.

  2. Cognition sounds like a super read. What a great idea for a storyline. Looking forward to reading it. J

  3. What a great premise for a story. I am looking forward to reading this one. Love this book blog btw!

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