The Bird Queen’s Book by T.L. Frances

Alt=The Bird Queen’s Book by T.L. Frances


What would you do if you found a mysterious book written in a secret language?

Thirteen-year-old Denny’s life is far from easy. He’s at the bottom of the food chain at school, he works a mind-numbingly boring student job at his uncle’s shredding store, and, on top it all, he has to try out for the school basketball team—and let’s just say basketball’s not his strong point.

But one day, he finds an ancient book in an indecipherable language. Could it be a secret code? Or maybe even… magic?

As Denny starts spinning a fantasy tale around the book, the real world begins to fade from view. It won’t be long before his problems catch up with him, crashing down one by one…

Thrilling, moving, and funny, The Bird Queen’s Book is an inspiring story of friendship, loss, and a boy trying to find his place in the world.


Denny is an average boy of thirteen years old. He has the same sort of problems that other kids his age possess. He is struggling with the loss of his mother, adolescent insecurities and he doesn’t want to play basketball. But, his eager dad wants Denny to try out for the basketball team. Denny also has a job that he thinks is very boring, until he finds an ancient book with a bird on the cover. Inside the book is a language that Denny can’t understand. Is the book an age old magical book? Is the language an ancient dialect or an unknown code that must be deciphered?

What ensues is a magical adventure as Denny’s imagination begins to come alive. He wonders what “The Bird Queen’s Book” is all about. Denny is inspired by the book and begins to write a story of his own. His story is filled with wizards, magic and spells. Denny realizes that he loves writing and it is, somewhat, of an escape for him. All the while, he is determined to understand what “The Bird Queen’s Book” contains and its mysterious meaning.

T.L. Francis, brilliantly, weaves a story within a story in this wonderful fantasy tale. The two stories flow like liquid gold and intertwine with each other beautifully. Denny’s story is fantastic and filled with all the elements that a great fantasy story should contain.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story with the two plots woven together. It was easy to follow, and I think that author T.L. Frances did a magnificent job of writing this fabulous tale that is really two stories in one.

Readers will be captivated by the magical realm T.L Frances has created and skillfully brought to life. There are some notable messages to be had and absorbed in “The Bird Queen’s Book,” making it perfect for young adult, teen and middle grade readers.

I loved “The Bird Queen’s Book,” It is full of adventure and completely engaging. It is written so well and with such creativity and originality, that I couldn’t put it down. It is a real exciting page turner. T.L. Frances has a unique voice with the traits of some of the best fantasy writers. The plot and ending are fully satisfied and convincing. It is fast-paced, emotional, beautiful and humorous-it has it all! I even teared up a few times.

The characters are unique with personalities that I came to love. They are well developed and multifaceted. The dialog between them is superbly written and composed. As with Denny, they are genuine, realistic and interesting with problems that are relatable to young readers.

If you love the fantasy genre and books like Harry Potter and the Spiderwick Chronicles, then you will love “The Bird Queen’s Book,” by T.L. Frances. It is a spellbinding read that is captivating and engaging. I loved it and highly recommend it to all avid readers that love fantasy novels or to those that are looking for a fabulous novel that will captivate their hearts.

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