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-“Artisan Book Reviews offers authors a unique opportunity to reach thousands of the most dedicated, informed and veracious readers out there. This is an extremely cost effective way to use targeted marketing toward building a brand, a book, or both. My own experience has shown that, unlike typical one-off, one-shot blasts, working with Artisan Book Reviews is a gift that keeps on coming. My book sales have soared due to Artisan Book Reviews marketing efforts.  After 43 books, I have taken advantage of their top notch services on many of my book projects and have never been disappointed. The professionals behind this initiative are some of the best I have ever worked with!” 

Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of the Caitlin Strong series.

Artisan Book Reviews offers so much more than the typical review organization. First of all, they provide a thorough assessment of what the reader will encounter when they read your book. The review of Emergence, Book One of the Janus Unfolding series was outstanding! It was clear that the reviewer had read the book, was engaged in it, and was highly skilled at finding the right words to convey their impressions of the book. But wait there’s more! They promote your book with great results that bring a huge amount of book sales. The staff publishes your review on all their social media sites and many other sites they are aware of. They are very interested in helping their authors be successful and giving their reader community access to great books. I am very pleased with this organization and the people I had the pleasure of working with. I highly recommend it to authors and readers.

C.A. Knutsen, author Emergence

Artisan Books offers a service unlike any other in that they don’t just provide you with a professionally-written review, but they also continue t0 extensively market your book to a vast variety of targeted websites frequented by fans of all genres. This cost-effective service has been instrumental in keeping the buzz going for my book, The Royal Treatment, and boosting my sales. I’m incredibly grateful that I found them! This was my first time hiring the professionals at Artisan Books, but it won’t be my last.

Author Melanie Summers

-Could not be more pleased with the professionals at Artisan Book Reviews. As an independent author, it is very difficult to get exposure. You work very hard at crafting a story only to find out, no one will read because, no one knows who you are. There are quite a few sites offering reviews and marketing packages, but what counts is a having a network of respected authors and dedicated readers to reach out too. That is where Artisan Book Reviews shines. They crafted an excellent review for my book Truth and The Serpent, and since then my book and social media sites have a larger online presence. Not only have my book sales greatly increased, I have been engaging with more readers than I have had after a year of networking on my own. I will absolutely be working with Artisan Book Reviews in the future. I highly recommend!

J. Rutledge-Truth and The Serpent

-I worked with Artisan Book Reviews to get a review for my debut novel, A Dress the Color of the Sky. They responded quickly and wrote a fantastic, dynamic and detailed review. I received updates throughout the process and they had my review written in less than a week after receiving my novel. I highly recommend working with Artisan Book Reviews as a marketing source for authors who want to get the word out about their books, sell more books and for professional, unbiased reviews.
Jennifer Irwin, Author, A Dress the Color of the Sky

-A huge thank you to Artisan Book Reviews for taking the time to read and review my books. I’m now writing my fourth novel in “The Pastor Maggie” series. Artisan Book Reviews has spread the word about my books by using several sites to share their reviews. You will be thrilled with the personal attention you receive from the Artisan Book Reviews staff. If you are looking for helpful marketing, and want to get your books into the hands of readers and really sell them, use this wonderful review and marketing process!

Dr. Barbara Edema Author, The Pastor Maggie series
I discovered Artisan Book Reviews on Twitter and then found them on Facebook and Goodreads.  After reading several of their reviews and seeing their support of authors on all of the key social media platforms, I was eager to have them review my novel, Degrees of Love: A Novel.  I couldn’t be more pleased with their response time and the thoughtful, engaging review.  If you are an author looking for a marketing boost that results in sales or a reader scouting for your next great read, I highly recommend Artisan Book Reviews.

Lisa Slabach, Author, Degrees of Love: A Novel

-One of the wisest marketing decisions I made was to allow Artisan Book Reviews to review my debut novel.  I was attracted to Artisan Book Reviews by their name.
    The results exceeded my expectation in sales.  The review was completed prior to the promised deadline and the reviewer touched on the specific messages my novel was meant to convey.
    I would highly recommend the review services of Artisan Book Reviews to new and experienced authors.  Thanks again Artisan Book Reviews and I’ll see you with my next novel.

Author- Tracey Moore

Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion will be an important part of my marketing strategy going forward, after they did a fabulous job promoting The 19th Bladesman.

Not only did I receive an honest and thoughtful review, but I saw a large bump in sales from the review and promotions ran by them and their author services website.

They were a pleasure to deal with and I’m very pleased with the results.

I will be looking to place my second and third books with them.

Author Susan Hartland


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