Before the Thaw by Karl J. Hanson – Book Review

by Karl J Hanson
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Before the Thaw by Karl J. Hanson 

This sequel to The Third Thaw continues to follow the lives of those who came to Planet K851b as frozen embryos raised by guardian robots.

After re-establishing human civilization, the society of New Munich has reached, roughly, the technological equivalent of 1950’s Earth.

When a rocket ship from Earth lands in the desert, the Thaws discover two frozen astronauts. One of them, Anastasia, has lost all memories of her past, including language abilities. She must re-build her mind, learning everything from scratch. In the process, Anastasia is plagued by questions about her true identity and purpose.

Meanwhile, Horst, the leader and captain of the Third Thaws, returns from an expedition paralyzed from the waist down due to a spinal cord injury. Now the head of a pharmaceutical company in New Munich, Horst desperately seeks a way to repair his spine, using advanced robotic capabilities.

Joining these two interwoven stories is Chet Gurke, a successful businessman and now the first news announcer at New Munich’s fledging television station. Chet has a passion for wanting all the newest and shiniest things…including the beautiful Anastasia.

Despite Anastasia’s lack of interest, Chet will stop at nothing to get what he wants, including revenge on Horst.

Book review:

In Before the Thaw by Karl J. Hanson, humans sent as embryos to continue human life adjust to life on another planet thousands of years after the discovery of a massive asteroid that threatened to strike earth and destroy all its inhabitants.

Arriving on Planet K851b as embryos, the humans are raised by robots called the Guardians. They settle in a section of the planet known as New Munich loosely distinguished into two communities, American and German. The work follows the members of the “The Third Thaw,” which is the third group of embryos birthed. Normality is established but years later, a spacecraft arrives containing cylinders. From one, a woman of Russian origin is resuscitated. Anastasia tries to recall her former life but restoring her memories is a long, tedious process but she remains determined. Her beauty catches the eye of Chet, an ambitious man who will stop at nothing to have her. This happens amidst the emergence of new business ideas and the need to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Actual scientific processes are interwoven with futuristic technological ideas which adds realism to the work. Where these ideas appear, they are straightforward and hence, comprehensible. Even as part of a series, the book reads as a stand-alone. The concepts, plots, and conflicts introduced in the story are solved by the end of the work. The story involves several sub-plots which makes it captivating. One follows an injured man trying to find a cure for his broken spinal cord, another develops the conflict which involves Chet, his quest to seek revenge and his plan to be with Anastasia while another follows Anastasia as she becomes accustomed to life on the planet.

Before the Thaw is an amazing read! Adeptly written, Before the Thaw by Karl J. Hanson stands out for its intriguing unique ideas, attention-grabbing characters and well-developed plot. Book review by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

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Before the Thaw
 Series: The Third Thaw Book 2
Published by E.L. Marker on November 23, 2019
Genres: Genetic Engineering FictionHard Science Fiction
Pages: 280
Format: KindlePaperback
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