Save Him by William M. Hayes – 5 Stars

Save Him by William M. Hayes
on September 16, 2019
Genres: Action, Military Fiction, Religious Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 241
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Save Him by William M. Hayes 

Rydel Scott, a brilliant scientist working at a secret military lab, accidentally discovers a form of time travel while working on a project designed to save wounded soldiers in the field. Rydel’s sister, a woman of faith, tells Rydel on her deathbed that she has received a message from God. The message—save Jesus Christ from the cross. And Rydel Scott travels back in time to do just that. It is believed even the smallest change to the past can cause catastrophic repercussions for future generations. An elite military unit is sent back in time to hunt Rydel down before he can alter history and possibly kill millions in the process. The unit and its commanding officers, Colonel John Adams and Unit Commander Ray Catlin, become divided. Catlin, a devout Catholic, claims he witnessed a miracle by Jesus upon arrival in Jerusalem and fervently believes in Rydel’s mission. Adams hasn’t believed in God since he was a boy and his only concern is the safety of the people in the present. They must now choose between the fate of Christ and the fate of present-day mankind. They must decide if they will Save Him.


Combining aspects of time travel and religion, Save Him by William M. Hayes develops a fantastic depiction in which the 21st century and Jesus’s era become one.

Hidden away from the public’s eye in upstate New York is a military lab where ground-breaking research has led to the creation of advanced military gear that has never been developed before. Behind the fascinating inventions is Rydel Scott, a military scientist working with a military unit led by Ray Catlin, the leader of an elite Special Forces unit. Ray’s unit soon leaves for combat, equipped with the newly invented equipment. But an unexpected twist occurs when one of the unit’s members is hit revealing an astonishing discovery about time travel that even Rydel could not have foreseen. Equipped with the new knowledge and a plea from his dying sister, Rydel travels years back believing he is meant to save Jesus from crucifixion.

From translators that can interpret languages from three thousand years back to shutdown chips that can hold a body in ice until medical aid can be accessed, the novel fascinates with the type of equipment imagined. Clear descriptions of the innovative gear are also offered. Exciting action scenes which move between different eras are cleverly incorporated into the work some reflecting on current global issues while others transporting back two thousand years ago during Jesus’s time. Intriguing chases follow as Ray and his team tries to stop and save Rydel fearing the impact Rydel’s actions could have on the current world while Rydel follows Jesus’ track trying to stop his murderers.

A creative blend of the past and the future, Save Him by William M. Hayes is a thrilling action-packed captivating novel with extraordinary unique ideas and striking descriptions. Save Him by William M. Hayes is highly recommend by Artisan Book Reviews – 5 stars! ~ Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

Save Him by William M. Hayes – A semi-finalist on the Global Thrillers List for High Stakes Suspense in the 2019 Chanticleer Int’l Book Awards

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