Beauty in the Breakdown by Beth Childress

by Beth Childress
Genres: Inspirational, Mental Illness
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt"beauty in the breakdown"Beauty in the Breakdown by Beth Childress


You don’t have to hide anymore … there is hope. I had secrets … so many secrets … and they were corroding my inner being. How could I keep living in so much shame – shame that forced me to hide behind the masks that I constructed; masks that started as a mere screen to diffuse my inner pain then grew thicker until I had no idea who I really was. Every day became a masquerade.

Hating who I was, who I had become, I concealed the complexity of my mental illness in just about every way imaginable. But one day, I began searching for answers as to why I had run so far away from the person I once knew and actually liked: myself.

Beauty in the Breakdown is written for those I haven’t met but whose struggles I’ve likely encountered through the stories of others I have met – some of whose suffering has reached life-threatening depths.

It’s hard to face the truth, to look into the mirror and see who you really are. However, this book will offer real hope to do just that. By sharing my struggles, torments, fears and ultimate breakthrough, my hope is that you – or someone you know – will find solace, strength and courage to step outside of your own “hideouts” and to step out from behind your masks. Doing so will help you or a loved one become the person you/they were truly meant to be.

Welcome to my journey.


Beauty in the Breakdown is a heartbreaking, yet inspiring story of the author’s, Beth Childress, personal passage and discovery of her mental illness and her journey to wholeness. In her telling book, she talks about learning of the root causes, such as: psychological, spiritual, emotional, moral and even physical issues and more, which all contributed to her mental illness. After living as a Christian for ten years, Beth made a decision that was contrary to her spiritual beliefs and it caused her to have a mental breakdown. She then filled the void with damaging things and undertakings and made bad choices, all of which became her new god. Because she was now living in direct contrast to her inner beliefs, and held many secrets, she spiraled downward and began to isolate herself. But, even though it was a terrible time in her life, she eventually discovered herself, her faith and her God again. Through her experiences, she affirms that there is truly an unspeakable Beauty in The Breakdown. Hers is a story of suffering, deceit and mental anguish and finally to, emotional stability and completeness, leading to peace and joy.

Beauty in the Breakdown is the story of one woman’s journey from mental illness to reconnecting with God and ultimately becoming mentally and emotionally whole again. It truly is inspirational as she encourages others and lends compassion and understanding to those who are suffering themselves. She talks about the complexities of mental illness and offers much hope to those in need. Having experienced the hardship of a broken life and mind, and met with recovery for herself, she now has the knowledge and insights to help others. This book is also about the many people she encountered that helped her in many ways. These stories are interesting and very eye-opening.

With empathy and concern for people who are living a life of shame, pain and despair, Beth Childress sheds light and helps others to understand that they are not alone and that there is hope, especially with God. She shares her own anguish, struggles and fears, all the way, to her ensuing breakthrough. Her sincere desire is that others will realize and find comfort, strength and boldness to come out from their hiding places and unshed their masks and ultimately become the person they were meant to be. Beth Childress takes readers by the hand and becomes a true friend and compassionate mentor.

She is a gifted writer, a mental health advocate, a little quirky and has an ear that listens to those who are suffering. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends this impactful book, and I truly believe that Beauty in the Breakdown, will help the many people that are struggling with mental illness and break the cycle of destructive behaviors they sometimes have.

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  1. This book, “Beauty in the Breakdown”, was so meaningful to me. It was a message from Beth Childress, who I know, love and respect, that in the worst of her times she realized that God and God’s direction had been there throughout the ordeal. I would recommend this book to any young adult female Christian who needs guidance and a sense of being understood through a difficult time.

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